Advantage Play: Calculating Haywire Video Poker

Here is a WOV thread on Haywire poker.

Normally I wouldn’t post a link to a WOV thread or a WOO page, I figure you can look that up yourself, but with this one I beat everyone to the punch with the analysis and the link proves it.  (brag, brag, brag)

When this game got a placement in a local casino, I knew I had a problem because the multipliers kept changing every hand.  What I did was go to and mashed the deal / draw button recording every value for the multiplier as it moved across the screen.  It didn’t take but a couple of hours of that to settle that the multipliers were evenly weighted at an average value of 6.25X per multiplier.  Who said being an AP isn’t work?

Once I knew the average multiplier, I could use my standard formula:  Total Number of Multipliers * RTP / # of 5 coin bets.

The one modification you need to make to sum the multipliers is that every multiplier is 6.25, not what it says on the screen because it will change every hand. 

For example, both of the arrangement below is 20.5 multipliers.

Example 1:

2x           2x           1x

1x           1x           1x

1x           1x           1x


Example 2:

12x         12x         1x

1x           1x           1x

1x           1x           1x


Also, this game requires an 8 coin per hand bet to play abandoned multipliers.

So, using either example above with a game that returns 95%:

 20.5X * .95 / 16 = 121.7% RTP

Note:  If you are confused on how I came to 16, check out my page on “Calculating Moving Multipliers”.  It’s the same thing.

Final Note:  I wish I had a picture.  I was playing this game and at the quarter level I landed  aces with a kicker on a 12X line playing triple double.  That was a good day.