Advantage Play: Calculating Moving Multipliers Video Poker

The same formula I used in my Calculating Ultimate X post can be used to calculate the return on Moving Multipliers video poker.  The only difference is that Moving Multipliers forces an 8 coin bet if you want to play the multipliers that are left behind.   As a result, your denominator is different when calculating return to player because the formula requires you to divide by the number of 5 coin bets.

As a reminder, the general UX formula is:  Total Number of Multipliers * RTP / # of 5 coin bets

Let’s work though a 10 play problem on a game that returns 95%.

1X*.95  2X*.95 1X*.95

1X*.95  8X*.95 1X*.95

1X*.95  2X*.95 1X*.95


You have a total of 19X *.95 RTP.  That’s 18.05.  —> Save this number.

You are making 10 bets of 8 coins each… 80 coins total.  80 Coins is 16 (sixteen) 5 (five) coin bets.

18.05 / 16 = 112.8% RTP.