Advantage Play: Calculating Multi-Streak Video Poker

Here is another easy one to figure out with the formula: Total Number of Multipliers * RTP / # of 5 coin bets.

What’s really interesting with this machine is that while it will let you play just 5 coins per line, it counts them in total, not by line. Also, the game is only available in 3 play. This means a 5 coin per line bet will show as a 15 coin bet on the machine. That does not mean 15 coins per line, it means 15 coins for all three lines, which is 5 coins per line.

The best thing about this game is that if you find a multiplier, it applies to all lines in play.

So, if there is a single 2x up top that means each of the three games get a 2x. If it were a UX game, all three lines would say “Next Hand 2x”. 6X total!

Using the formula and assuming a 95% paytable: 6x * .95 / 3 5 coin bets = 190%

Gotta like that!