Does it Pay to Discover? My Q2 Credit Card Plan.

After my last post I’m going to try and keep this one short, but still valuable.

Every quarter I go through my credit card categories and I put together a quick cheat sheet on which card to use for what category.  I share the plan on a Google Drive with my wife so we stay in sync and maximize cash back. 

Today is the start of Q2; here is my Q2 plan:

In case you want to compare this to what I did in Q1, you can view that here:

I could stop now, but there is low hanging fruit out there I need to pick before I call it a night.  I want to take a moment and write few things about Discover Card. 

On all the points / miles / money hustling web sites I visit, the Discover Card gets no love.  The base 1% cash back is below what others offer and it’s made them the red-headed step child of cash back.  Everyone wants more than 1%, nobody likes a 1% return, but I do like the 5% cash back categories and the invitation only promotions they send to their cardholders. 

Here is a promotion I received last week:

I know $10 isn’t that exciting, but you can triple up if you do the right things.

Take a deal like this, which is active right now:

I own a home, so I shop at Lowe’s all the time.  So much in fact, I also have a Lowes credit card that gives 5% off the top of every purchase, but this is a $100 gift card for $90, so that’s better even without the bonus $9 I’ll get on the deal with Discover Card.

I’m at $19 total value, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but I’ll take a $100 UX spin if I get 4.5% EV, and this is more return with lower variance.

I can do even better…  No sense in leaving any nickels on the table!  

I will buy the gift card though a cash back portal.  Looks like  says Ebates is the winner.

Now I’m up to $20.80 in discounts and cash back on a card that is worth $100.  At this point, I’ve made almost a 21% return.  When I spend my gift card, I will also do the shopping though one of these portals and get cash back from spending the card too. This time, Befrual is the winner…  Lump another $6 on the pile please (27%-ish total).

If you are not a current Discover Card holder, you can earn even more with a new member bonus.  Discover’s current new card member promotion is called “Cash Back Match”.  It doubles the cash back you earn in your first year as a card member.  If you fall into this category, you now have a $100 gift card for only $70 plus you still get the $6 back on the spend side.  Let’s hope you don’t have a coupon too or someone won’t be able to keep the lights on.

Here is a snip from Discover’s web site on their new member offer.

If you max out $1,500 per quarter on 5% categories, that new member bonus is worth $600.  How many electric bills can you pay with $600?

Because of things like this, I like the Discover Card.  They send me offers like this all the time.  You can also find savings account bonuses with them too when you are a card member. 

The last thing worth mentioning is that Discover has lower credit score requirements than a lot of other cards offering lucrative sign up bonuses.  I’m not saying everyone can get a Discover Card, but they are more obtainable than many other cards.

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