Rant: I Hate Citi

Citi has been offering promotions for new accounts for some time now. I do NOT recommend these promotions.

  • $200 for a $5K deposit

  • $400 for a $15K deposit <— I did this one.

  • $600 for a $50K deposit

I followed the T&Cs to the letter. Here is what happened:

  • Account opened and funded

  • +60 days, bonus earned but not paid

  • Called Citi, I was told I was not eligible

  • Eventually they said I was eligible, but I needed to wait 90 more days to get paid

  • Called back after 150 total days and was told 2 more weeks

  • Called back and was told I was not eligible

  • Eventually they paid me

  • I closed my accounts and withdrew my money, but they didn’t close my accounts

  • Then they charged me fees for having accounts with no balance

  • Eventually they waived those fees

This was not worth $400. I have read that may others had similar experiences.