Exploring Casino Apps

If you think nothing says AP better than getting value out of a casino in exchange for a little bit of your time, then you may wish to consider the proliferating world of Casino Apps. The details will be explored below, but in general you download an app or a facebook game and over time you accumulate credits which can be used for prizes ranging from cheap t-shirts to room nights to freeplay at various casinos.

This article will breakdown the casino apps with which the author is familiar and hopefully provide some useful information for you to use in deciding whether the apps might be for you. Not covered are those Apps which are for entertainment purposes only(CET). Major Caveats are that as with all things digital the games change as software is updated and as with all things casino they reserve the right to change or discontinue the prizes.


For all the App games the game designers want you to buy more chips to keep spinning so the slots (none of which are variable state) are negative expectation, just like real slots. While what the reward credits are called can vary between games, "credits" will be used as the generic term to distinguish between the "chips" you use to play the games. All the games have timed awards of additional chips, but you have to login in to the game and click on the award to receive the chips. If you have closed the App you will have to deal with annoying advertisements urging you to buy more chips or download other app games. The ads also sometimes pop up when moving between screens which will both irritate you and waste time. If you can, you will save time by leaving the App open on your mobile device in order to limit the time wasting of the ads.

To repeat, the game companies make their money by you buying chips. If you do not buy additional chips, the games are designed so that there is a cap to how "high" in a particular game it is realistic or possible to rise. Another common feature is that the credits come easier at lower levels. After you have been playing longer and have achieved higher levels you have to play more chips to win credits. If one were being cynical, one might think the "early chips easy" design is intended to make you think you will get enough credits for the reward you want easier and faster than you actually will be able to, unless you buy chips.

You are going to have to make your own judgement as to whether buying chips is worth it. If you decide to buy chips, there usually is a first time teaser offer which is far better return than standard. There also are almost constant "sales" which vary widely in value. At some purchase levels, you get both chips and credits so if you were getting close to the time of a trip, it might make sense to make a purchase to ensure you can purchase the reward you want by having enough credits.

While you do not have to spend money to accumulate enough credits to purchase rewards, you will have to spend time. The amount of time will be considered in the individual game analysis below, but there often are features which reward daily visits. It is absolutely critical that you review which rewards are available for each App, but beware that these can change both for the good and the bad as can the number of credits needed to buy them.


The Granddaddy of Casino Apps, which generally is linked to MLife and MGM properties, although there are some excursion options and non Las Vegas rewards. The game itself is managed by Playstudios and is separate from MGM. Because of the sheer number of Apps and the Facebook game, chips can be accumulated relatively quickly. So far as I am aware, these are the linked games/apps

MyVegas on Facebook

MyVegas on phone

Konami slots on phone

MyVegas Blackjack on phone

PopSlots on phone

They all earn credits (LP's) which are accumulated in your account. However, neither MyVegas Blackjack nor PopSlots earn MVP's(gems) which determine your VIP status. By collecting daily bonus spins or timed awards which provide the MVP's, you can rise to higher VIP levels which provide multipliers and other "benefits". How high you can rise without buying chips is capped as there simply is no way to earn enough gems to reach some levels without purchasing chips.

Rewards- MV reward levels and restrictions change over time, but there are rooms available at all the MGM Las Vegas properties and at some other locations. In addition there are show tickets, freeplay, restaurant comps (varying between credits, BOGO and 50% off)and excursions. The problem with the MV rewards is not what is offered, but what actually is available. For the more popular room and food items, a set amount are offered each day, and when all are purchased no more are available until at least the next day. In years past, there was a set time of day on which the rewards renewed, but now that time varies. This can be frustrating if you are trying to secure a particular show, hotel or restaurant.

There presently is a limit on the number of "premium" rewards which can be purchased and there are restrictions about how many can be used in a 30 day period. You will need to read the rules carefully because, for instance, some freeplay requires a hotel stay. If you buy enough chips you can buy extra rewards and at high levels of spending even get a host who can arrange rewards which are not otherwise available, but this likely would not be an AP play because the spend required is at least $1000, although you may be able to obtain rewards close to the amount of the spend. Playstudios makes money off chip sales and has to buy the rewards from MGM and the other providers, although it does so at a discount.

There are room calendars with available dates and typically there are two night specials offered for each January-June and July-December period. Most room offers are Sunday-Thursday. There can be restrictions about combining MLife comp rooms and MV comp rooms and typically there is a 72 hour gap required between MLife comp stays and MV comp stays.

One very convenient feature is that you can buy a reward and if you do not use it get the credits returned. This can somewhat ease the lottery on whether the reward you want is available. Another caveat is that some rewards are not available to residents of Clark County. so the value to LV residents may be less.

Because MV credits are awarded based upon the number of chips wagered, you can accumulate chips with brief logins over a period of days, then play for larger stakes when you have some free time. This permits the award of credits with the least amount of time spent in the game. Most of the games also permit an auto spin feature so that you can set it and forget it. This feature can change as the software updates, so you will need to check the games when you are playing. Because of the variety of awards (again subject to availability) MV likely is the best option for earning rewards. If you are able to spend a few minutes per day clicking on rewards, you can earn enough credits for a free room in 2-3 months without much stress.


-If you do want to purchase chips there is a first time offer which exceeds the standard award by a considerable amount.

-Expect to pay resort fees on the "free" rooms.

-Many times there will be contest where winning a certain number of symbols wins additional chips or some other prize. Be warned that the amount of chips which you have to spin to get the final symbols often is many, many times more than early on. For example you need to win 15 symbols, the first 10 can be won with 500 spins at the level you are playing, while the last 5 may require 1000 at the same chip amount. Again, just like in real life chasing levels or prizes can be costly.

-When you start the Facebook game you hit symbols which build out the MGM properties on the Strip. At least when I was doing so, it seemed to make sense to bet the minimum because the symbols which built out the Strip (of which you may need to get 50-90) took up spots on the reels which seemed to me to reduce payback. As Strip properties are completed you can click on them to collect chips multiple times per day.

-Konami also has daily tasks which you can complete. Doing so will give a multiplier for bonuses as well as additional MVP's. These increase as the number of consecutive days increases.

-Currently if you purchase through the Konami App you can get freeplay which does not require a hotel stay like the freeplay purchased through the other MyVegas Apps.

-The MV Facebook game has frequent "quests" which have chip rewards, and a solid strategy is to only play on days when the quests are available.

-The Konami game requires you to click on balloons to collect credits, so it is not a set it and forget it game. Only play if/when you can click the balloons or you will not accumulate credits.

Las Vegas Advisor / Binion's / 4 Queen’s

These Apps are the same game with different skins, but are not linked in in regard to credits as the MV games are. The key question, unless you just want to play the games, is whether the rewards are anything you want, so before embarking on much play check the stores for each App. The LVA App is very limited, although if it offered more of the books it publishes it would increase the value of the APP. These games offer the slowest accumulation rate and are best suited to those with frequent downtime to play the games. This largely is because the credit rewards are not based solely on the amount of chips wagered as MV is. Instead, after a few spins the rate of credits earned decreases until it eventually reaches zero. Because of the limited prizes, these games can take many months of playing multiple times per day to win enough credits to qualify for anything of much value, especially the LVA App. For me, these apps offer the least value.


-The games have the same structure: There is a bonus every two hours and a reward every 15 minutes on LVA and every hour on Binions and 4 Queens which award chips.

-You want to play after collecting the bonus and reward and then the games will slowly decrease until you literally earning no more credits with which to buy rewards. You then need to stop playing until you have next collected the next bonus and rewards.

-By satisfying certain criteria (Win 20X Bet) you win badges. Once you win the required 9 badges on any one game you can then collect additional chips with which to play (amounts vary). Thus, it makes sense to switch games once you have 9 badges on one game, at least until you collect the 30 times which you have earned.

-If you play your chips down to below your bet amount on LVA and Binion's apps you will be offered the chance to buy chips. Previously if you declined and closed the store, you then would be awarded free bonus chips without having to wait or buy them. This helped you rebuild your chips, but recently was removed. It might be reinstated in future, so am noting its prior existence.


This App is distinct from both MV and the Free Slot Games Apps. So far the only rewards which can be purchased are hotel nights, but Wynn rooms are pretty nice. This game does have autospin settings, but some games require you to hit spin after free games or bonus rounds.

There are bonuses available: Silver every 15 mins, Gold every 3hours and Wheel spin every 12 hours. If you click the 12 hour game at least once in a 24 hour period you can receive triple chips on all the timed chip awards. The number of credits needed to buy room nights vary, but weekends are available unlike most of the MV room awards. In initial play, you can earn enough credits for a couple of midweek rooms in 2-3 months of playing at least once per day. Another benefit is that (presently) you can opt out of the resort fee unlike the MV room awards. Unlike MV, you do not have to buy chips in order to be allowed to buy more than one room night. If all you are looking for is a nice room, Wynn clearly is the best App.


-When building up chips it is best to play when "Scratcher events" are running. These events run for set periods of time in which there are four tasks to complete (spin 50 times in Game X, Win 10 free spins, Win X million chips, etc) and for each task completed you get a scratcher which awards additional chips, and if you complete all 4 you get a bonus 5th scratcher.

-Scratcher events are shown on the bottom middle of the home page.

-If you are unable to complete a task and click on the scratcher within the allotted time the scratcher is lost so you need to keep an eye on the clock.

-So far as I know, this is the only game to offer the option to play heads up against other players in Battle mode. You each put up the same amount, say 200K, you then pick one of the available slot games and you each get 20X10K spins and the player with the highest number of chips gets the total won by both players.

-There also are tournaments where additional chips can be won and which often have very top heavy paytables 1st 300M 2nd 120M 3rd 50M 4-100 6M.

-Success in accumulating chips has varied widely per online posts, but the same basic rule that early chips require fewer spins applies.

Hopefully this has provided some guidance on using the casino Apps to generate some value. The regimen of everyday clicks will not be for all, but if you have downtime (commute, commercials, conference calls, waiting to vulture a favorable machine) it can be a relatively painless way to gain some value. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below for free advice worth every bitcoin you pay for it. There also are facebook groups devoted to MV, and the various Vegas message Boards have discussion of the apps, with VMB having a forum dedicated solely to MV.