Rant: Doctor Octopus

Dear Sir,

When you sit between two UX machines and poke at both of them at the same time, you are drawing attention to yourself, expecially when you do it on a busy Saturday night taking a machine from a ploppie. You look like doctor octopus and you are drawing attention to yourself and others who are just trying to scrape up a few bucks. I was soooooo tempted to take a video of you performing this feat and post it here, but I’m sure Spiderman will find you and do what he does… I’ve never seen such a thing before. Did you know you can completely drive a UX machine using only the buttons? Maybe that’s too low profile for you?

Unrelated, if you are 23 and wearing a hoodie, it looks really weird if you are betting $500 a hand spread to 3 hands at a black jack table where the next largest bet in the whole house is in the $25 - $50 range. Dare I say, you look like a FUCKING card counter?!?! Put on a shirt with buttons if your backstory is that you are in software.

While I’m at it, if you need to slouch down so far you are basically laying your head on the table, that is NOT a hole carding opportunity. And on a 3 card poker game?!?! That’s not that good anyway… Move on.

Blend in guys… It’s better for all of us. If only I knew how to face palm on a blog for dramatic effect…



PS: Doc - I’ll give ya a pass if you come to the casino wearing spandex next time.